Saturday, 28 February 2015

Family Day Out in Wellington

We had a family day out in Wellington the other day. Patrick had a quick errand to do so I thought we'll tag along. It'd be nice to be somewhere Kaelyn isn't that familiar with. I think she probably gets bored of being around the Hutt all the time since that's where we mostly go to and since it was my day off, why not. It wasn't too hot or too cold either so it was the perfect day to go out.

We had a quick brunch at Capital Market then we went to their appointment which didn't even take an hour. After that we waited around because we agreed to have lunch with Patrick's dad. Kaelyn kept walking around, she's so fascinated that there's a lot of people and buses around. After lunch, we had dessert at Louis Sergeant with Patrick's mom. It was a very nice place. We'll be going back there more often. 

We went to Te Papa Museum after that. Kaelyn took her 30 minute nap there. Luckily there were lots of chair, I got to rest my tired feet too. Once she's recharged and ready, we walked around and showed her the museum. She was so happy and fascinated with all the things around her. I was planning to bring her to the museum on her birthday but luckily we went that day instead. She enjoyed it and she even said wow when she saw the big squid. 

After the museum, we watched some college students practice their dragon boating then went to the play ground. Kaelyn saw some students exercise and she was imitating them, it was so funny. 

It was a day full of food. I couldn't believe I was able to eat lots in a short period of time. I probably need to do lots of exercise now. But it was definitely a fun day. I can't wait for Kaelyn's birthday even though I'm still in denial that she is growing up so fast. Anyway, how are you spending your weekend? We just got home from dinner with friends whom we haven't seen since the new year. I hope you're having a good one. 

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