Tuesday, 24 February 2015

My Daughter - The Super Model

I've always wanted for my daughter to be on posters you know, to be the "icon" for a kids clothing company. I even joined one of our local search where in I had to submit a picture of her and people get to vote. Then a judge will chose from the top three with the highest vote and that will be the winner. I had my fingers crossed for that but we didn't win. I was a bit upset but I realised I can do that at home. As she grew older, it got hard to take pictures because she doesn't want to stay still. She wants to see the screen while I take the picture until recently. I found out that she loves having her picture taken. 

I used to do her pictures in a corner where it's a bit hard to move around. We recently moved around the furniture in the living room so now there's a bigger white wall space. That's now her photoshoot space. After we get dressed, she'll usually bring her dolls with her and stand by the wall and say cheese. That means it's picture time. It's so cute.

Everyday we have a new outfit picture of her. Unlike when she was a bit younger, she hated pictures unless she's in a really good mood. This just means I'll be able to take a good photoshoot of her when she turns two. 

I'm really enjoying being a mother. Little things like this melts my heart every time. Since she started saying mommy, she kept repeating it and it is just cute. I can't get over. Now that I'm working almost everyday, it's hard to leave her but once she does these things, I just always remember that I'm working hard for this little cutie. My family is my motivation, what about you? What keeps you motivated in life?

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