Thursday, 19 March 2015

Two Years of Cuteness

I know this post is two weeks overdue and it isn't because I'm still in denial that my daughter is already two years old or maybe I am.  Life is just really crazy lately and I will fill you in on that later on. Two years has gone rather quickly. We always talk on how much she grew on that short amount of time. It felt like those first few months never happened because I couldn't remember on how we did it. She was so tiny and fragile and everyone was afraid to carry her. And look at her now, she can eat a whole plate of your food after she finished hers. We didn't want to have a big celebration like on her first birthday. I just wanted to have a family day out and Patrick thought the same so we decided to bring her to Wellington Zoo. She loves all sorts of animals so I thought letting her see some of them in real life would be cool. 

We woke up quite early since we were catching the bus. I made her some Peppa Pig pancakes. She recognized it so I'd say that's a win. The day started gloomy and cold so we dressed up as if it's winter already. The day turned out to be sunny and hot though. I ordered some customised cupcakes to surprise her and because the cake shop was in Upper Hutt, we had to pick it up early in the morning.

She was ecstatic when she saw the cupcakes and immediately grab one and ate it. We waited for my sisters, dropped the car and cupcakes at home and waited for the bus to town. We had yum cha for lunch at Dragons then waited for the bus going to the zoo.

It was a really nice day and Kaelyn, although she preferred to be sitting on her stroller, enjoyed every sight she saw. From penguins to giraffes to lions to gorillas, she couldn't get enough. It was supposed to be her nap time and we tried to have a break for 30 minutes but she didn't want to. She didn't want to miss anything. 

Our last stop before we head home was the Australia section of the zoo. There were two birds, I think they were emu birds, who's roaming around freely. We were reluctant to go around at first because they were blocking the way and I am honestly scared. There was a zoo keeper who walked past and Patrick talked to him and he said that they are nice birds. They then walked towards Patrick and I think they were so curious, they started trying to get the bag and my jacket. It was funny and scary but funny. I was too scared to touch it, especially when there isn't anyone around. What if it bites me.

It got to a point where my sister decided to join Kaelyn inside the trampoline because she was scared too. The thing is, they followed them and waited outside the trampoline, it was so funny. 

We left the zoo just before 5pm and Kaelyn fell asleep on the bus. She was exhausted but she had fun.  Patrick's family went to our house and brought a little dinner for us to celebrate. It was a simple day but really memorable. It was a stress free day, and I know that Kaelyn enjoyed every bit of it. Although it's hard to admit, she is two years old. Whether we like it or not, she is growing up and before I know it, she's already off to high school or something. She maybe a bit of a grumpy toddler but I love her to bits. 

I will have a little update later in the week. I shall see you then.

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