Monday, 22 December 2014

Life Update

Life has been a bit of a whirlwind lately. With the holidays just a few days away, we've been having family day outs (which I have yet to post hopefully before the year ends), visiting the parents, work and things in between. We're trying to maximise family time as much as we can because as the new year hits, I will be crazily busy. I hate to admit that I'm a bit neglecting my blog but I know I am.  Having more than two jobs is making me insane that it just makes me too tired to stay up late and blog but it's what pay the bills. I am trying my best to keep up with everything and I've got a few things lined up, I promise. 

As I said, we have been a but busy with family. Just a few weeks ago, Patrick's sister graduated from university. We had dinner that night after her graduation ceremony and another dinner that weekend. Kaelyn has been loving everyone's company and she enjoyed being around a lot of people. Since there's only the three of us at home, I feel that she gets bored with us sometimes. 

That Sunday, we visited my parents at Upper Hutt. Ever since her sleepover, she's always hesitant to go inside the house at first. I think she's scared that I'm going to leave her there again. But after some time, she gets familiar with everyone and she's off running around like a maniac. 

The spare time I get at home is usually spent cleaning, cooking, baking or playing online games. But at the moment, we're a little too hooked on Master Chef Australia that I have been trying out the techniques that they've been using. I recently learned that a good way to deep fry your homemade french fries is to boil them first before deep frying. I am probably the last on this idea but I did try it. I must say it's way better than those that you buy at the supermarket or fast food. 

Anyway, what are your plans this holiday? Are you excited? I have been watching the forecast and it seems like we'll be getting rain this year. I know I do want to experience white, cold christmas but I prefer a hot summer christmas day than the wet one. 

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