Sunday, 30 November 2014

Santa's Parade

One of the things I love in our new "hometown" is the events that are being held annually. Last winter, there was the winter carnival that was held across our house. On February, there will be the Petone summer fair which I went to for the first time this year. Last friday, Santa came to town. The weather, unfortunately, was quite wintery but we couldn't just miss seeing santa and his parade. 

Kaelyn was in a good mood and excited to go out so I thought it's a good opportunity to watch santa. We walked to Jackson Street 15 minutes early so that we'll have a good spot to watch everthing. There were quite a lot of people waiting patiently already. Everyone's excited to see Santa since I believe he hasn't done a parade for a few years now. 

There were a lot of people who joined the parade including the junior Rugby club, Petone Lions, Tongan group, Mirror men, children singing Christmas carols and many others. 

The rain started to pour and props to everyone because they still continued their act despite being wet and cold. 

We were lucky enough to see Santa before the rain poured heavily. Kaelyn got a bit shy seeing lots of people but as soon as she saw Santa, she smiled happily. But after his sleigh drove past us, we ran home. I couldn't let Kaelyn get wet and be sick again. 

It was fun to see Santa and his parade despite the weather though. We tried to wait for Santa's arrival at the mall a few weeks ago but there were too many people that it took us a while to find a parking spot. When we finally got there, Santa was too crowded with kids from all ages so we really couldn't see him. I'm still planning on visiting Santa's grotto one of these days though so I can get a picture for Kaelyn. I hope she doesn't freak out being one on one with Santa. That is one of my goals this month. But can you believe it's December already? What are your plans for this month? Let me know in the comments! 

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