Tuesday, 30 December 2014

A Day at the Beach

Being by the beach is one of my favourite thing. The same goes with Patrick and when I realised that we'll be living by the beach, I couldn't be more excited. Although most beaches here in Wellington starts out to be a bit cold because it's quite windy unless it's midday or afternoon and the sun is scorching hot. Kaelyn has never touched nor walked on sand though. We tried a few times but she didn't really like the feeling. Over the weekend, she got to walk on sand bare feet and she enjoyed it. 

Patrick's family decided to go crabbing early saturday morning. The low tide was at 8 AM and since Paraparaumu beach is an hour away and they had to make sure to put the crab pots in before 8, we left at 6 AM. It was early even Kaelyn was a bit sleepy but she wasn't that grumpy. I entertained her on our car ride and we ate breakfast. When we got there, it was chilly. It was a bit windy and cloudy so the you couldn't really see the sun. We went to the beach with jackets on. 

The time Kaelyn stepped on sand, she stopped and was unsure of how it felt and then she kept going. I brought her by the shore and removed her slippers so she can walk and feel the sand. She wasn't happy at first but she got used to it. She was even unsure about the water but after a few minutes, she was sitting down and playing. She was wearing her jacket and tights and she got soaked and but she didn't care. 

I've tried quite a few times to bring her back to where are things are because she's getting so wet and cold. I thought she might need a rest and I kept telling her that. She, however, kept pulling me and telling me to just walk along the shore. It was the cutest thing ever.

By 10 AM, we started packing and head home. While I was at the changing room, they brought Kaelyn to the duck pond nearby. I got there and she was already holding a bread. Apparently, Patrick's mom gave Kaelyn some bread so she can feed it to the ducks but she cried because she wanted to eat the bread. That was a bit funny because knowing Kaelyn, she loves eating bread and it's no surprise that she'll do that. 

We then went to a family friend where they cooked the crabs and had a massive lunch. I seriously ate more than what I should have. Kaelyn was enjoying the barbecue pork and was happy running around and playing with almost everyone. She definitely enjoyed her trip because as soon as we got home, we had dinner, took a bath and then she fell asleep. That's how tired she was but it was a sign that she had a good day. Here's the video of our trip to Paraparaumu beach:

What have you been doing lately? Tomorrow is the 31st of December and I can't wait to welcome the new year with a bang. What are your plans for this new year? 

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