Saturday, 29 March 2014

Toddler Tantrums

Baby K's tantrums are increasing lately. I noticed it when we had a little trip to the mall a few days ago. I wasn't expecting for it to be crowded because we were there quite early. To my surprise, the baby section is filled with mothers and babies and then I saw a poster saying they have a one day sale. Everything is half price and some are 60% off. No wonder everyone is going crazy. I didn't think that that could be a problem. I only picked out a few winter essentials because the line in the counter is getting long and I wanted to get out of there quick. We're nearly on the counter when one of the kids that are lined up started acting up and crying so of course, her mom is trying to tell her to stop. Kaelyn saw that and as soon as she saw the girl cry, she started crying loudly too. I tried comforting her. She stopped but after a few minutes, she burst out crying again and that happened until we walked out of the department store.

Sometimes, I'm not even sure why she is crying anymore. She just finished eating, had water and milk, changed nappies, yet still cries from time to time. Even when she just woke up half an hour ago, she still cries. I know she's teething again because I can see two of them coming out and I'm trying to soothe them with teething gel and giving her something to bit but that seems to be not working. I notice that she's faking them most of the time because there aren't any tears on her face. She just bursts out crying for no reason. Sometimes, she's really pushing my limits because I can't do anything with her crying so I leave her on the living room and watch her from afar but I can't stand leaving her crying. I feel like she's hurt but she's not. I'm trying not to give in but it's so hard. I think that's why she thinks that everything that she's doing is okay because I "let" her even though I'm trying my best to teach her the good and the bad. When I do leave her, she will stop after 10 minutes or so and start playing again. 

Maybe it isn't a bad thing to leave her crying when you know she doesn't need anything. It's just that, I'm too much of a softie kind of person and always give in especially that she's my first baby. I'm too protective but I guess that's a bad thing in some ways too. I need to control myself and just calm down. I just hope we won't get noise control from the neighbours because of her loud cries. 
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