Thursday, 27 March 2014

My Little Helping Hand

I never fully understood what being a full time mommy meant until we moved houses. When we were still living with Patrick's family, I only had to take care of Baby K and do occasional cleaning and cooking. I was lucky because they know how hard it can be when taking care of a baby especially when at that time, she only wanted to be me. Of course, I still try my best to do house chores around. When Kaelyn was crawling, I always tell myself that it will get easier when she starts walking on her own. It did got a little better though but her curiosity still makes me panic. She wants to touch and eat everything she sees. 

As I was sorting out the grocery yesterday, I forgot that I have left the dish brush on the floor. I just realised it when I saw Kaelyn holding it and trying to brush the floor.

I mean, I'd be really happy to have a helping hand but I think this is too early. She seems to be very excited to clean though.

I have seen her a few times holding that brush and just earlier, she took my dish cloth and tried to wipe the oven. She also takes tissues and wipes the coffee table. I don't think she approves my cleaning so she's doing it by herself (LOL). Have you got a helping hand on today's house chores? 

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