Wednesday, 19 March 2014

My One Year Old Girl

In between house hunting, one of my priorities then was Baby K's birthday party. I was pinning ridiculously, trying to get ideas on what to do. I have been searching for an affordable yet classy venue. Actually, I wanted this house that had a really nice backyard and I thought, if we ever get that house, we'll just have the party there. I only wanted to invite close friends anyway. She didn't have a lot of baby friends so I thought to just invite family and god parents. Unfortunately, we didn't get the house but I did not have any hard feelings about it because it was a little over our budget anyway. 

Her grandparents planned, booked and organised Kaelyn's birthday. Because it was still hot, her birthday was a simple garden party just like her christening and my baby shower. I wanted to do something else but I didn't have time and venue and money. It turned out good despite the last minute preparations that they did. We celebrated her birthday on a weekend since it's the most convenient for everyone. Her real birthday is on the 5th of March.

There were a lot of family and friends that came, some of them I don't even know. It was a simple party where in we eat and have a little entertainment. I wanted to have some games but it was a little late. The party was meant to start at 2:30 pm but people started arriving hours after that. A little disappointing but oh well. 

Kaelyn had to eat ahead of everyone because she got hungry waiting for them. She was a little cranky from time to time because she isn't used to have being around so many people. 

She did enjoy it though, socialising with everyone. She isn't clingy anymore and went with everyone who wanted to carry her. 

After the celebration, some of our friends went to our new house. Kaelyn opened some of her gifts and was really excited with the new toys that she got.

It was a fun yet super tiring day. Kaelyn did not want to go to sleep because there were lots of people around. She wanted to play with them even though it's already past midnight and so obvious that she is tired. I will post more photos from her birthday later on as soon as I finish editing them. There are just too much, it's making me crazy. I love seeing them though because I can tell that my baby enjoyed it.
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