Wednesday, 15 January 2014

I Am Exhausted and I Blame Teething

I have never experienced Baby K's teething this bad. I am happy that her tooth has finally emerged but it makes me exhausted. I didn't think that teething could get this bad. I mean, she just started. What more when she gets the rest of her teeth? She developed a fever on monday afternoon and still has a fever up until now. It's on and off. Last monday and yesterday morning, she was grouchy and very moody. She was very clingy too. I gave her paracetamol and that helped for a few hours. But every after her nap, her temperature will rise up. I don't get it. 

She is one unhappy baby, I tell you. Whatever we do, she just doesn't like it. She doesn't even dance when we play her songs. I can't even move one bit to get a toy because she will cry hysterically. Yesterday, I was trying to charge the iPad and I was trying to reach for the charger under the bed and she just started crying. She won't stop even when her daddy comes and picks her up. I can't do anything and our room is such a mess because all she wants me to do is be beside her. She likes me and only me. And when it comes to sleeping at night, she wakes up every hour, crying, trying to find a comfortable spot. Breastfeeding is becoming a pain too. I was planning on breastfeeding her until her first birthday but this sort of changed my mind. She has been biting me out of nowhere. Before, it's okay but now that she's got nearly 4 teeth, it's getting annoying and painful. I think I'll have to start weaning after her tooth cuts. 

sick baby
She has started smiling since last night though. I thought her fever went away because she's been in a good mood last night. She woke up with still a fever this morning, unfortunately. She is still clingy but she gets happy from time to time now. I can see the edge of her upper tooth now and I hope it comes out soon. It's so hard to please her when she's sick and teething. I have been occasionally putting teething gel on her which helps a bit. Are there any other remedies to teething though? I hope she gets better soon. I miss my happy baby. 

Diva Baby
Have a wonderful week everyone. From one exhausted mama and little miss diva. 

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