Thursday, 4 July 2013

Who Does She Looks Like?

Does Baby K look like Mommy or Daddy?

For the past couple of weeks, I have noticed that baby K doesn't look like her dad anymore. She some what resembles me now. I wasn't too sure if it's true though. I thought I was just imagining how she'd look like me because she indeed looked like her dad ever since she was born. But it was confirmed when we were at a birthday party over the weekend. People were saying that she looks like me now. It changed. When I posted a couple of photos of baby K on my Facebook page, some of my relatives and friends told me that she indeed looks like me now. Woohoo! 

But seriously, that happens? I didn't know that her facial structure changes over time. I thought she'll be like little Patrick but you know, a girl version. I was kind of surprised. Now that she looks like me, I want her to look like her daddy. Confusing I know since I wanted her to look like me before. She's mini me now. Isn't she gorgeous? ( He He He )


  1. Both of my kids have changed their features over the years. It's so interesting watching them grow up :)

  2. She does look a lot more like you now. No matter who she looks like she's gorgeous! :)

  3. What a pretty baby! My kids are 4 & 2 and we still struggle to figure out who the heck they look like!


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