Friday, 5 July 2013

Happy 4 Months Baby!

It's the 5th of July which means it's baby K's monthly birthday. She's 4 months today. Can you believe it? She's growing too fast. It seems like she was just born yesterday and now, she can roll over already.

What she loves doing: sucking her hand

I still can't believe my little angel is growing so fast. One of the Plunket nurse came over today to see how she was doing and gave an overview on introducing solids on her 6th month. I understood everything and I am quite excited to give her solids but that's two months away.

Since it's her monthly birthday, I wanted to bake something so I tried baking marble cake. It's my first time baking a cake so it took me a while. I know that I just needed to follow the instructions and I did. It was the cooking time that made me a little impatient. I was used to baking cupcakes which is not too long but this cake, it said to bake for 1 hour. I did but the middle was still a little soft so I put it back on and kept checking it until it became okay. I think I should stick to baking cupcakes for now. I am better in that than cakes. Here it is though:

Side View

Inside of the cake

A little messy

Instead of the typical vanilla and chocolate colour, I added a hint of pink just because I wanted it to be a  little girly. The top became a little crunchy because it was cooked a bit longer but the inside was soft and it wasn't dry which is a good thing. I still need a lot of practice in baking cakes. But for a first timer, I think this wasn't that bad. When baby K grows up, I hope I can bake cakes and cupcakes perfectly so that I won't have a hard time teaching her. 

Anyway, to all my readers from USA, Happy Independence Day to you guys!


  1. Happy 5 month birthday Baby K. I love the pink color in the cake and even though you said it didn't come out the way you wanted, it still looks delicious.

  2. Happy birthday to your adorable baby :) The cake looks great!

  3. Guess what? You've just been awarded the Epically Awesome Award of Epic Awesomeness by Growing Up Madison. Check it out! :)


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