Wednesday, 3 August 2016

Visiting Mt. Victoria Look Out

I have never realised how hard school holidays can be. My daughter gets bored quite easily. She always wants to go outside and explore. She always wanted to go to school (twice a week is never enough for her), or go to the playground, or the beach, or even do grocery shopping. The last school break, she had a sleepover at my parents, which probably was the highlight of it all. So when the winter break started to come in, I was trying to figure out what new things we could do or places we could go (on my days off, that is).

The release of Pokemon Go a few weeks back has given us another excuse reason to explore our city even more. Our first stop is the Mount Victoria Lookout. I promised Kaelyn that we will go to the highest look out someday. I guess that day came sooner than she expected.

She wanted to climb the stairs on her own because she told me that she's a big girl now. It was a long way up but she managed to reach the top, with a few stops in between.

She kept showing me where our house is and where the museum is. She didn't want to leave the giant rock in the middle of the deck. In fact, she wanted to stay there and sleep. After that, she was running around while yelling "we're on the highest lookout" over and over again.

There were a lot of locals and tourist walking up to the look out too. I wasn't surprised though. With a good weather like that, you wouldn't want to miss the breath taking view.

When the deck was starting to get crowded, we decided to walk down. The view wherever you look is just amazing. 

We stayed there for an hour or so, walking around, and just appreciating the view. She couldn't get over how we are at the highest look out and that we could see everything. It was rainy the day before so we got really lucky that the weather was great.

It was an amazing day and I was so lucky to have spent it with these two (even though the other one was walking around, catching pidgeys and weedles). We will definitely be back. I know Kaelyn would remind me of this day over and over again. That's how much she enjoyed this day. 

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