Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Wellington Noodle Market

The Wellington Night Noodle market was held last week and since it has been a while since we've been on a night market, I managed to convince Patrick to drive us to town. I thought it would be a good idea to attend the event on the first day 'cause I know for sure the weekend will be packed plus, I work on weekends so I won't have time to go. We picked up Kaelyn from school, got ready, and hopped on the car. When we got there, stalls are ready and vendors are starting to cook up the food. We walked around to see what's on the menu of each stalls then sat down and waited. I saw on their website that it starts at 4pm but we overheard someone that it actually starts at 5pm so we waited for quite a bit. 

Kaelyn was dancing around, and kept asking me if we're going to eat yet. She was getting impatient then a cute puppy walked past. She got so giggly and happy. The owners noticed her and they said that she could pet the puppy for a bit. Kaelyn got so happy. Shortly after, the gates opened and people are starting to queue. All I knew was I wanted the dumplings from Dumpling'd so we went there first. It was definitely a good choice. The flavours are yummy, and Kaelyn and didn't notice a single mushroom or cabbage in it. It is affordable too. For a 6 pieces for $7, we had to get some more and this time, with a bit of chilli sauce. I also bought curry puffs from next door and Kaelyn loved it. I was asking her if I could have a bite and she said she could eat it all. 

After that, I wasn't sure what to get next. We got quite full from the dumplings but I know Kaelyn is still a bit hungry. She said she wanted some crispy chicken so went to the Beat truck for some Karaage chicken. We watched the sunset while waiting for the chicken.

I'm quite disappointed with it because it wasn't the Karaage that I was expecting. It needed a bit more crispiness. Kaelyn liked it though. She ate all of it and that's all that matters.

We wanted to try the other stalls (Filipino BBQ, noodles, etc) but the line has gotten quite long so we just decided to head home. We got to see the dancing dragon before we go so and Kaelyn was so happy because she was able to touch the dragon.

I'm glad we went a little early because it was so packed when we left. I carried Kaelyn while we walked back, 'cause I will go crazy if I lose her in that crowd.

Although we didn't get try out all of the food, we still had fun. It was a nice break from work-school-home routine that we have. What have been doing lately?

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