Saturday, 3 September 2016

Threenager Attitude

A few weeks after Kaelyn turned three years old, I blogged about how she started to become the boss of me. That went on for quite sometime and then things started to turn around. She was really nice and was really friendly. It even got to the point where she's already asking me to leave whenever I bring her to school. I thought, 'well, that's just great. It isn't bad as everyone says it would be". Nope,  I totally took that for granted. She then started having tantrums a month after that. I guess she was just warming up.

She is even more bossy this time and not just to me but to everyone else. She is becoming mean even to my sisters. When did this even happen? She yells or cries when she doesn't get what she wants. She tries to bargain when it comes to eating her food. She wants all the attention on her too. It is really crazy to be honest. I know tantrums would happen but this, this is next level. It is always a screaming fest at home if something doesn't go her way. 

Because of this, I had to do the time out corner. I had to put her on time out for the first time a few weeks ago. She cried for 30 minutes and after she calmed down, I asked her if she knew why I put her on time out, she said yes. I explained it a bit more so she could understand it a lot better. But even after that, she just doesn't listen. She rarely does. She thinks she knows it all. Worst thing is, she uses one of us as a reason to get away with something.

Yesterday, when they picked me up at work, I asked her if she took a nap. She said no because daddy said there will be no nap time today. I stared at Patrick and he defended himself and said, Kaelyn told her that I told her that there won't be a naptime today. Seriously, I don't even know what happens when I'm at work anymore. I can't believe how Patrick can be tricked like that. It's funny how our friends always compliments how good Kaelyn behaves outside the house. If only they know what happens at home, they will know what I'm taking about.

Have you ever been tricked by your kid? Tell me, it's not just us. 


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