Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Find Your Bliss

I probably post more beach pictures than anyone else you follow and I'm not even ashamed. It's my favourite place, my safe haven. It's where I always find my peace. When I realised that K loves it as much as I do, I couldn't be any happier. We are lucky enough to live across the beach and explore things that come with it.

I mentioned on my previous post that a new cafe has just opened up near our house. I decided to check out the cafe again and this time, I brought Kaelyn with me because Patrick was too lazy to even walk. She wanted to go to the beach, again, because it was quite sunny and warm. I thought we'd drop by the cafe first to see how it's like. 

It was a little quiet when we got there, just a couple of people having coffee. I really love their decor, it makes me feel like I'm back in time. Everything is a little old school which is really cool. I ordered coffee and a raspberry brownie for K then we sat near the window. She was a little annoyed because she wanted to eat out by the balcony. 

She hurriedly ate her food just so we could see outside. It was a little windy but she didn't mind, as long as "I could see the beach". 

I could see that she's getting cold so I told her about the games they have inside. They have a few pinball games at the other side of the cafe, which was really nice. I have never seen one of these before in real life and now I have and so does Kaelyn.

We came at the right time because it wasn't crazy busy but we didn't stay long since they're closing soon. At least we get to have a look around. We'd probably be back here for dinner one day to see how it is at night time.

After that, we had a quick stroll at the beach because she insisted. She said she wanted to find some more seashells. 

We went home after that because it was really getting cold. It's nice to have a little time together with all the crazy activities that we have. We get to discover new things and enjoy the old ones. I'm so excited to have this cafe. It will be one of our favourite spot for sure. Can you imagine, having coffee while you enjoy the view of the beach? Now that's happiness for sure.
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