Tuesday, 29 March 2016

What We Did Over the Long Weekend

The long weekend has come and gone. Although I only had two of those days off, I still managed to get some rest. K had a sleepover at my parent's house which gave me time to finish all the things I needed to do  be lazy and sleep all day. Let's be honest, I barely did anything. I was excited to have her sleepover not only because she's been nagging me that she wanted to see mama but because I wanted to blog and clean and just do whatever without interruptions. Well, none of those happened.

I was off on Good Friday so I cleaned and pack all of K's clothes so that by Saturday afternoon, all we had to do was drop her off. That part was a success. We dropped her off at my parents' and went home after an hour or so. We got home and I straightaway became a sushi roll on the couch. I even tried to convince Patrick to make us some dinner. Of course that didn't happen. I forced myself to cook us something at nearly 10pm. I kept telling myself I'll do some work after eating. I just went to sleep a few hours later. I was too tired lazy to do anything.

I worked on Easter Sunday and I thought we would be busy but it seems like majority are still on their holiday. Patrick picked me up and we decided to grab some burger before going home. 

I tried to do some work after that but I got way too distracted. I watched Patrick's Dota game with his friends.

I edited some pictures but other than that, nothing. I told Patrick that we got to wake up early the next day to try out the new cafe. I know it's going to be packed so I wanted to be a bit early. I told him to wake up at 7:30 and he said "yup, just wake me up".  10AM the next day and he's still fast asleep so I decided to grab coffee alone. 

It's  a really cool place to grab some coffee or brunch. Their style is a little old school which I love. They roast their own coffee and they even have some pinball machines too. I already went back this morning to grab some more of their yummy plum danish. 

After buying coffee, we went straight to pick up Kaelyn. She kept showing me all the chocolate eggs she found and the eggs that she painted. She didn't even want to go home. 

Even though I wasn't able to do much, Kaelyn had fun on her sleepover. It's all that matters. Oh wait, I got to sleep without someone kicking me so it's still a win win situation.

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