Friday, 25 March 2016

Life With A Toddler

Today's weather made us wear our warm sweaters and comfy slippers. It's officially starting to get cold and definitely got me feeling lazy. All I wanted to do was cuddle under our thick blanket. I'm secretly wishing for a four day weekend too but who's going to make you folks some coffee? This sudden change of weather lately gave K some blocked nose and cough. Again. This is already the third time she's been sick and we're not even into full blast winter. Luckily it did not give her high fever like last time. I hurriedly made some soup and sinigang to give her some comfort. I also asked Patrick to make her some lemon ginger drink to ease her nose and throat. Thank goodness it's starting to go away. There's been too many sleepless nights that we've I've been having.

Just before today's windy, cold weather, we got to enjoy a bit of sunshine. I thought a little ocean breeze would be good for her. She was ecstatic running around, collecting seashells again. I was too excited too that I dropped my phone straight into the sand. I have checked and double checked if there's sand that go stuck. It's still working fine, phew. After that, she kept saying, "aw you dropped your phone. Let's buy a new one". That's how my toddler thinks right there, such a diva already. A few more sea shells and pictures later and we're off to dinner. I kept telling her that I'm getting hungry and I know that she is too. But nope, she said she wasn't. Any excuse does not work on her anymore even if it's 100% true. There's always this "but..." or "I can..." or "Daddy needs to...". Just like when she wanted to go to the library when it's already bed time. She said and, "Daddy needs to get a key so he could open it". A key? Where? He doesn't even work there. Or when she wanted to go grocery shopping when we just did yesterday, "but I need to buy eggs". Those are just some of the conversations we have everyday. It took me a lot of explanation on why shops are closed today. She just told me that daddy just needs to get a key to open every shop. Oh dear.

I was trying to have her take a nap this afternoon but we had a discussion about Doc McStuffins episodes instead. Plus, she kept reminding me about her sleepover and her easter eggs. Once you tell her something, I tell you, she won't ever forget it. She has already planned on what toys she's going to bring and it's most likely everything.

That's how life is at the moment. I make coffees all day then I come home to a talkative toddler who doesn't even take naps anymore. These aren't even half of it. There's just too many things that goes around in our house. Man, I really need to actually use my notebooks and note these things so I won't forget. K just surprises me every single time, I'm actually considering doing more vlogs. Though I love me some surprise. Have a great Easter, everyone. I hope you all remember the reason why we celebrate it. 

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