Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Goodbye Summer, Hello Autumn

This morning, I woke up just after six in the morning. One of the reason why I love waking up early is I get to catch a glimpse of the sunrise. Today was quite different though. Instead of watching the sun mid rising (is that even a word?), it was still dark. The sun rose at 7AM. Same thing happened yesterday but I thought the weather was just a little crappy yesterday. I now realise that summer has officially ended. We already wore our sweaters and took out our fluffy blankets because we're starting to feel the cold already. It's a quick change of season. I have lived here for years yet I'm still not used to this cold weather. Now I'm wondering how winter would go. 

It wasn't quite a good start for us. Both Little K & Patrick is sick and I am going crazy. Why are men annoying when they are sick? Seriously?! Is it just my partner? Anyone else? Anyway, we managed to enjoy our last week of summer on my day off last week. It was a mommy and baby kind of day while Patrick worked. It was a much needed bonding since I am always at work these days.

We're lucky that we live by the beach because we get to see these views everyday. Kaelyn argued to stay and play on the sand all day long. We didn't of course and boy, that took a bit of an explanation on why we couldn't.

Just a few days before summer ended, we were given an amazing sunset. We probably stared outside until it got dark. It was beautiful and Kaelyn kept saying "woooooow".

It was a beautiful end of the summer. Sort of, because we had a gloomy leap day. But hey, who's taking notes anyway. We got to get ready for the cold months now. It has definitely been a great summer. Bring it on, sweater weather.

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