Sunday, 31 January 2016

First Day of School

We have been waiting for this day and it finally came. We were excited yet nervous at the same time.  As much as I want to see how she was on her first day, I couldn't and I think that's a good thing. Maybe, I'm a little jealous but I'm a clingy mom. If I didn't had work, I probably will not leave her side and that's not good. 
We walked to her school together, and stayed for a bit. She was showed where she could leave her bag, and where to put all her toiletries. I stayed there for 10 minutes and when I left, she just ignored me. I was the one who had to chase her so I could get a hug and a kiss. I thought she was comfortable because her daddy was still with her. Around 10 AM, I got a text. Patrick told me he went home so because Little K seem to be doing well and she didn't mind him leaving. He said she even said "bye daddy, see you later". Well that was a great start. When I got home, all she talked about was kindy and she was so excited to go back. Same thing happened on her second day. Everything went so well. It seems to be too good and because yes, it is.

You see, her school is only twice a week. On her second week, everything was a little different. She woke up on her own but she was grumpy. Patrick told me they went home a little early and she went straight to nap time. I thought she didn't had enough sleep so I made sure she did sleep a little early this time. Nothing changed. She was grumpy and clingy and didn't want me or Patrick to leave. Her teacher told us that it's best to leave a little early so she won't get used to Patrick being there all the time. So, we decided to leave at the same time. And when we said good bye to her, she cried and cried and I could hear her outside. I felt horrible but I knew it has to happen eventually. In the end, Patrick went back there at lunch to check up on her. 

Everything was going well until her second week. We have explained to her. First thing, she's excited and then the next, she didn't even want to talk about it. We're a little confused. I hope it gets better on the next couple of weeks. I want her experience in school to be a memorable one.

How was your little one's first day of school went? Any tips?

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