Saturday, 16 January 2016

Threenager Already?!


My family, especially my sisters, video chats us all the time. We live 30 minutes away from each other but they miss Little K that much. This morning before we left for bowling, they called. They were amazed that she talks so much now, and even understands Tagalog. She seems to know everything but does she really?

I have heard so much about the terrible two's so much that I am completely oblivious on what's going to happen next. I thought I have gone through that phase a little smoothly. I always tell myself, "oh, this isn't as bad. All I have to deal with now is how am I going to answer endless questions". Well, obviously I overlooked all the other things. I do get ecstatic, though, whenever she shows me something new or tells me how she feels. Yesterday was different though. I was tidying up all her toys because it is nearly shower time. I got distracted for a second and then I heard her being all happy. I looked up and I had no idea whether to be happy or to run and hide all our things.

I think baby proofing is much more needed at this age than when she was tiny. I literally screamed when I saw her standing on that bucket. HOW? WHY? and most importantly, WHO TAUGHT HER THAT? Of course this cheeky little girl isn't talking. She was ecstatic because she was able to reach her stuffed toys. That just means she's able to open drawers or grab something from the table. She can even reach the chocolate that was in the middle of the table. Seriously, I just saw her do it. Again, I might have to baby proof this house.

Here's more: she will tell you to do whatever she wants. She will say something like, "mommy, say yes." If you did say yes, she'll run away and do whatever she wants. I have fallen for this a few times because she won't stop until you say yes. I have seen her open the laundry, grab candies from the pantry and put sunscreen lotion all over her body. If you don't, she will cry, scream, and cry like there's no tomorrow. She will also tell you where to go and what to do. "I need to go to the mall", "We're going to mama's house" are usually her words. I spend half the time trying to settle an agreement with her. Not only that, she doesn't even want me to kiss her now. She wipes it immediately while laughing loudly.

When did she grew up this fast? More importantly, when did I have someone who bosses me around? But even then, there are still times that she is cuter than she'll ever be. Despite acting like she's all grown up, she still cuddles up with me and gives me kisses.

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