Saturday, 2 January 2016

2016 Goals

We had a great start to the year. After welcoming the new year with the family, we spent the day doing much of the laundry and tidying up. It was nice staying at home and just spend time with each other. We have been in and out over the holiday, visiting family and friends so chilling at home was much needed. 2015 indeed had its ups and downs but we're ready to face this new year with a fresh start. 

I rarely do a yearly resolution because honestly, I am unorganized and I know myself too well that I won't do it. I try to do them a few years back but it just does not work for me. Not this year though. I want this year to be good. Last year was good but I want this year to be better. In order for that to happen, I thought of quite a few things I should do for this year.


definitely a priority.


and videos. I did take lots of pictures in the past few years but I still feel like I missed lots of moments. So my goal for this year is to capture all the memories so that we can look back on them.


this is where I fail most of the time. I have lots and lots of notebooks and planners and all those things and I swear I will try use them. I'm tired of leaving things behind or forgetting things to do. 


I always struggle with this because a. I get lazy and b. after I clean, everything just gets thrown out again anyway so why bother. But this time, I will always try and tidy up before we eat, before we go out, before we sleep. That should make everything easier.

Those are my top ones and I will try my hardest to achieve all these. Our new year went off to a great start. Clean house and laundry all done. I opened my Air Wick flower diffuser after cleaning the bedroom to give it fresh, new scent. It's the new year so I thought of changing things up a bit plus it's water iris & night orchid smells lovely and somewhat fits in our bedroom. It did say that it will take a couple of days to fully smell it's scent but at this stage, I'm already loving it. The flower is starting to turn purple. It is quite cool to be honest.

Enough about us, what about you? Have you set any goals/resolutions for this year? I am excited on what this year brings us. I hope that each and everyone of you welcomed the year with happiness.

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*Disclaimer: I received this product for a product review. No other compensation was given. All opinions are true and 100% my own.

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