Monday, 17 August 2015

Winter Escapades

Winter is nearing to an end and honestly, I cannot wait for spring and summer to roll in. Despite the cold and wet weather, we still managed to have a few day out. Warm jacket, comfortable boots and a snug beanie are all we needed. A few has happened around Wellington and we wanted to at least have a glimpse of these events.

Wellington recently celebrated it's 150th year anniversary as the capital of New Zealand. As a celebration, they have opened several government buildings and facilities for the public to visit. Though we weren't able to visit all these places, we were able to witness the light show that they prepared in front of the parliament.

After that, we ate at Wagamama. Kaelyn not only enjoyed her food but she also managed to eat almost half of my ramen. 

A few weeks after that, the Petone carnival was held at the Esplanade. We went for the first time last year. The rain was on and off this year though so we didn't really enjoy it that much. We did ate a yummy waffle though and got to watch the fireworks in front of our house. 

Over the weekend, we were surprised by a couple of friends from Auckland. We had dinner at Siam and had a few hours of stories and laughter. Even though it was a short visit, we definitely had fun. 

We have definitely been busy these past few weeks but we're trying to have some family time here and there. Wellington Lux is happening soon so hopefully we get to see that this year. What have you all been up to lately? I have so many catching up to do.

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