Friday, 3 July 2015

Hello Winter

Winter weather is really setting in now. No more long days, sunshine, or the beach. I often want to just stay in bed and cuddle but of course, work. It makes me tired even because my body thinks it's late night when it's only 5 in the afternoon but it's already dark outside. It's odd though because no matter how cold I feel, Kaelyn rarely feels cold. She always takes her jacket off even though she only has a shirt underneath. But I try to make sure she's warm enough so she won't get sick. I have a few things that I'll be sharing, things that we have been doing the past month to beat the cold weather.

Boots, warm jacket, beanie 

Outside or inside, these are definitely a must. The floors of the bottom of our house is wood so booties/slippers are must. This is a little harder to do since Kaelyn always prefer to walk around the house barefoot. 

Blankets, mats, and more blankets

There are days that just calls for lazy days. Whenever these happens, we usually set up the air bed in the living room and have a whole day sleepover. We watch movies or read books while snuggled up under the blankets. I recently bought an alphabet play mat and placed them on her play area. This way, she can sit freely without feeling cold. 

Books and toys of all sorts

We are lucky because friends and family are constantly showering Kaelyn with books and toys. This just makes it easier for us. Because the weather is horrible on most days, we have no choice but to stay inside. Her toys and books keeps her entertained. She now cooks on her kitchen while I cook on mine and while I have no idea why she keeps putting Peppa and George Pig on the microwave, at least she is having fun.

Music and Dancing

Our favourite thing. Not only is fun but also can warm you up whenever you dance. Dancing at our house are so random and can happen whenever, wherever and I love how Kaelyn joins in and she sings too! Whatever song you're playing, she will try her best to sing the lyrics.

These are just a few of our winter busters. Although it is really tempting to just be lazy all through this winter season, we're trying not to. We entertain ourselves as much as we can whilst keeping warm. It just takes one cuddle, and we're all good. 

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