Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Swimming with My Toddler

Yesterday was an exciting day and it was also one of the hottest days. We've been getting hot sunny days for a few days straight lately and I can't handle it. I'm now appreciating the cold, rainy weather we had a few weeks ago. Kaelyn isn't liking it that much too. She's sweating a lot so she's been wanting to remove her clothes clothes. I tend to give her two quick showers because she gets sticky if I don't. It's been that hot. Because of that, we've decided to hit the pools. We just had to. We can't miss another summer without swimming again.

We went to H2O Xtreme at Upper Hutt which I haven't been to in years. It was 35 degrees that day so we were lucky that we got to the pools in early afternoon when there weren't too much people. My sister brought Kaelyn to the water first and she seemed to enjoy it until a lot of other children came in. I don't know if she's just shy or what but it took a while before she fully enjoyed the water.

When she finally decided that it's fun at the swimming pool, we taught her how to kick her legs (?) in the water, walked back and forth and she even danced when she heard a song that she knew, too bad I wasn't filming then. 

We also kept going back at the river ride because of the wave. It's probably the highlight of the whole swimming pool. Kaelyn kept pointing at the penguins in the middle because she thought it's the one from the Madagascar movie.

We had a quick snack after that. We were all hungry and we went in the pool again after eating. We kept going back to the river ride. Yes, it was that fun that I had to say it again. 

Kaelyn even learned how to cover her ears. I think it was a bit too noisy for her and she wasn't used to it. I'm not quite sure how she figured it out but I just saw her covering her ears on and off. She was happy about it. I'm not because she's been doing it a lot now especially when I tell her off. 

Anyway, we got off the swimming pool at around 5pm and we went to McDonald's to buy some frozen drinks and then we had dinner at my parents' house. It was definitely a fun day. We were so exhausted that we fell asleep as soon as we got changed after we got home. Video will be up later on, because I haven't finished editing it. 

P.S. Does this picture make Patrick look a bit creepy wearing goggles? We think he is a bit creepy. LOL

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