Saturday, 24 January 2015

Nature Walk + Waterfalls

Our summer adventure continues and this time, we went to Percy Scenic Reserve. This is located near our house and we've always drove past it but only been in there once. Since we noticed that there's usually quite a lot of people who goes there, I thought it's time that we explore it. We went on a sunny tuesday and we had to take advantage of the good weather. Since the children are still on their school holiday, there were a lot of families having picnics and children running around.

The last time that we were here was on my birthday, where we had a mini photo shoot. Kaelyn was just five months then so I bet she barely remembers it. Anyway, there was a duck pond and so she was squealing with joy. There were lots of ducks and you know how obsessed she is with them. 

After several attempts, we've managed to walk where the waterfall is. It's only a 20 minute walk so we thought it's not a biggie. The thing is, path is a bit really scary that if you look down, you'll have a mini heart attack on how far down it is. I was scared the whole way and with Kaelyn wanting to walk, I had no choice but to ask Patrick to carry her, just to be safe. 

We reached the waterfalls after a while. I had no idea there really was a waterfall in there. You'll never know what's inside something until you explore it. 

She wasn't impressed because she didn't got to play in the water. The pathway, despite being a bit scary, had a really nice view of the forest. We didn't get too hot on our walk too because the forest had a cool breeze. Tomorrow, we're going back to Percy reserve again and this time, we'll try to do the other walkways. I hope we manage to walk up to the look out this time. 

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