Wednesday, 3 September 2014

Some Photo Booth Fun

I was talking to my sister last night on Facebook. I told her that Kaelyn's right beside me while typing. I decided to send her a picture so I opened my photo booth. Once I opened it, she started screaming in her high pitched voice. Screaming with happiness that is. This kid loves seeing herself in the camera. It was funny watching because once I press the button for the 3 2 1 countdown, she'll smile in an instant. I'm not even kidding. She used to not like taking pictures and now she loves it. 

Patrick asked what was the commotion all about. He then joined in the Photo Booth fun. When I first met him, he used to take pictures quite often. I saw that on his iPod (hehehehe). Now I know why Kaelyn loves the camera. Like father like daughter. 

But she's still not sure on how she feels when daddy kisses her. Look at that face. 

A couple of my favourites are these bug eyed ones. She did not even feel weird or got scared when she saw her face. She just laughed. 

Of course, I had to join in. 

On another note, someone needs a haircut. I'm still on the process of convincing Patrick to do Kaelyn's first haircut but he doesn't want to. He said that he wants Kaelyn's natural hair to grow. Uh, well, it's all over her face now and not liking hair clips and hair ties aren't helping. Maybe I should just cut it without him knowing. 

Have an amazing Thursday everyone. Blog-tember post will be up soon.

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