Thursday, 4 September 2014

Blogtember - All About Fashion

Reading other bloggers' posts on Blog-tember is so inspiring. I love getting to know other people and knowing their different thoughts about life. Today's prompt is all about fashion. This should be fun as I'm not really good in fashion but let's see.

Pick a fashion trend you love and a fashion trend you hate. Win us over.

When it comes to fashion, I always prioritise the comfortability of clothes that I pick. I don't just jump in on the latest trends because these days, some are just plain weird. Most days, I'm comfortable with wearing jeans and a plain top but there are times that I just have to mix it up a bit.

Fashion Love

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Knitted sweaters/Jumpers - I'm obsessed with these this past fall/winter. They are comfy and warm. I love wearing them when the sun is out but the breeze is still a bit cold. I also like it when it has cute patterns. 

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Sundress - One of the things that I'm excited about summer is this. They look cute, and comfy. They can be used as casual or for a night out. It speaks very summer for me. 

Fashion Hate

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Wedge sneakers - These are just a no no for me. Wedge and sneakers are two different things and they should just stay that way.

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Leggings - When they're used as pants, it's just wrong in so many levels. Maybe if you have an oversized jumper, that would work but a t shirt and leggings? You gotta rethink that over.

Jelly sandals - Can't believe these came back. I remember having these when I was young and I hated them. My feet hurt whenever I use them. I don't get why people spend money on these.

What are some fashion that you love and hate?

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