Monday, 22 September 2014

Blogtember - Sharing Some Love

I mentioned on yesterday's blogtember post that I love the sound of rain, right? Well, I woke up to the sound of it and not just any rain. It sounded like there's a typhoon on the way (hopefully not). It felt like it's winter all over again. Heavy rain and heavy wind combined is my least favourite thing. Plus, you can really hear the wind blow. That scares me a lot especially at night. We're now stuck at home. Hopefully it dies out a little because we are in need of grocery shopping. So while I wait, let me introduce you to these five awesome bloggers.

Introduce us to 5 blogs you read on the regular, and tell us why!

I have quite a few blogs that I read everyday. I might seem to be a stalker since I read their blogs but rarely comments or likes. I'm working on that, I promise. I've been such a slack since it's a little busy lately. But anyway, here are some bloggers that I truly love.

I mentioned Growing up Madison on my blog train post a little while back. One of my favourite blogs. I am so in love how in such a young age, she can already write and describe her life. Apart from that, I'm always on the lookout on her product reviews. 

One of my favourite person in the world. Dizmommy can turn parenting woes into a comedy. Instead of complaining (like I do), she makes it funny and she always remember the positive sides of being a mom. 

I met Helen through Blogtember. When I read her introduction on the first day of blogtember, I fell in love in an instant. I love how she writes. I love how she describes every little bit about herself and  her life. Although she has gone through some rough times, she can still stand and stay strong. She is a wonderful person and very inspiring in every way.

Marah was also included in the blog train that I hopped on a while ago. If you read her blog, you'll know what sort of person she is. I am enjoying her food adventure lately. I love trying out new cafes and restaurant and seeing her try out new ones gives me the idea on where to go to next.

I've been a follower of Julie for a while now. She is a talented mom who still finds the time to draw, blog and be with her family. I am in love with her drawing. I am not the most talented person out there when it comes to drawing but seeing her artworks makes me want to try drawing over and over again. Plus she's got an adorable little girlie who's cheeks I want to squish so bad.

I'd love for you to check out these lovely bloggers. Once you read one of their post, you'll know why I keep coming back to their blogs.

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