Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Blogtember - Wellington City

The sun decided to show itself today. After yesterday's cold weather, it sure was great to have a sunny day. I can't wait for summer because I feel like we're still stuck in winter at the moment. When we went out today, we saw that the van got so dirty and full of sand. That's probably the only thing I don't like here. The car and the entrance of the house gets too sandy. That's how terrible the weather yesterday was. I heard that the train got cancelled too because it was too windy and the waves where splashing on the carriage. That's wellington for ya. 

A guide to your city! Share some of the hot spots and hidden gems of where you live

I live in a suburb called Petone. If you've been a regular reader, you'll know that we just moved here early this year. I love that we're right in front of the beach. We always walk along the beach when the weather is good. There's no hidden gem for me really as everything seems to be just as lovely. After a stroll, you can go to Jackson St where cafes, restaurants and bars are lined. One of my goals while living here is to try out every cafe there is and so far, I'm no where near half. There are also some shops, a museum which I've never been to, library, big park, and the kindergarten school which is two blocks away from us. I always walk past it to see what they are doing. I think I'll be clingy once I drop Kaelyn there in a year from now on. 

If you want to go to a shopping mall, you'll have to take a bus which takes less than 15 minutes to get to Lower Hutt City. That's where the shopping center is located as well as some leisure activities such as the pool, museums, lots of restaurants and bars. I've never really walked around the city since whenever we go there, we go straight to the mall. 

As for the big Wellington city, my favourite spot would be the Mt. Victoria lookout. We went there a few years ago. I love seeing the whole city from the top. 

There's also the oriental bay, the Weta Workshop, Queens Wharf, Te Papa Museum and so many more. I love the houses along the oriental bay. We'll be living there someday. 

What do you love about your city?

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