Thursday, 18 September 2014

Blogtember - Hobbiton Movie Set

It's day 18 of the Blogtember everyone. I know I haven't uploaded the vlog yet. I already filmed it don't you worry. I just have to edit  and upload it hopefully by tomorrow. Today's prompt is a fun one though. It's about travelling. Although I haven't been to many places, I still couldn't pick which one to do for this prompt. 

Tell a tale about travelling, a city or a country you've been to or a favourite vacation.

I love to travel and if only I could travel the world, I would. One of the things that made me excited moving to New Zealand was the new experience and new places. On the first weekend after we arrived, we went to go tramping. I love outdoors so these things excite me. One of the most memorable place that we went to was the Hobbiton movie set. It's a place where they shot The Lord of the Rings film and being able to go there was one of the best experience ever. To be honest, I've never watched the Lord of the Rings until after I went here.

Every Christmas-New Year holiday break, we always try to do an out of town trip with some family friends. This one was the New Year of 2012. It rained that day but it didn't stop us from going. The tour guide was really nice. He showed and explained to us every little bit there is. We even got to see one of the Hobbit's house open. It's very tiny as you'd expect but it's really cool. 

They were even selling the beers that they drank in the movie and yes, I got to see a lot of sheep. After the tour, we were told that we're not allowed to upload any pictures just yet because the Hobbit movie was yet to be released at the end of that year so they want to keep it a little private. Oh and before that vacation ended, we were able to do water rafting. Oh yes.

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