Friday, 5 September 2014

#AskAwayFriday with MrsTee

I'm excited to take part on my first #AskAwayFriday. I know, I know I'm a bit late. I caught up with running errands, feeding the toddler, you know time difference but let's forget about that. I'm typing as much as I can. For my first week, I am swapping questions with MrsTee from MrsTeeLoveLifeLaughter. I enjoy reading her blog which is full of funny moments with her kiddies. She is a Christian and her journey reflections are so inspiring. If you need some pick me up or just need some inspiring words, you should definitely check her out. 

So, the way #AskAwayFriday works is we exchange 10 questions and get to know each other. Here are her questions for me:

I love the name of your site, how did you choose it?

Thank you. It's actually a recent change. My blog was formerly called as Life of A Full Time Mom but I thought that it's a bit too common so I tried to come up with a new one. Kaelyn loves dancing and the blog is mostly about her so I just sort of put them together.

You said you were born in the Philippines but I see you live in New Zealand now. Name…

3 things you miss from the Philippines

One of the things I miss the most from back home is food. I know we can make some here but the way we eat it  at home is just different. It's more authentic if you know what I mean. It's more delicious.I also miss Christmas from back home. Christmas is my favourite season and it is widely celebrated in The Philippines. As soon as the -Ber months starts, lights and decors are started to be seen. We celebrate it with our family and because we have a large family, it's always fun. And then there's the food. There's always good food. Last but not the least, the beach. I miss the tropical weather, white sand, clear water. Everything.

3 things you don't miss

I don't miss the crowded places, the traffic, crimes. The population in the Philippines is growing rapidly hence more crowded places. Also the traffic is terrible. People don't follow rules, they just drive wherever or cross the road wherever.

3 things you love about your new home. 

Few things that I love about this new home of ours are the the adventure. If you're an adventure type of person, there's tons of things you can do here. Trekking, mountain climbing, fishing, crabbing, sky diving, etc., etc.. I also like that it has snow. Although it doesn't snow where I live, we can drive up north or go down south to see snow. And of course, the hobbit place. I mean, who wouldn't want to see where Lord of The Rings filmed, right? 

What is the funniest moment you've had as a mom so far?

Hmm.. when Kaelyn peed on me for sure. This happened just recently. I totally forgot that I haven't changed her nappy. We were reading a story when I just felt something warm running down my legs. Oh yup.

You mentioned you want to travel the world. What is your dream vacation if expense was not an issue?

Photo Courtesy of
Oh so many places that I want to go to. One of them is Greece. The place is absolutely stunning. As a beach lover, it is one of my dream vacation. The clear water, sun, white sand, good food, lovely place and people. Someday, someday. 

What is your favorite go to snack?

Lately, I've always been snacking on PB&Jam. I just recently discovered how good it is so I've been eating it quite a lot.

I haven't asked this in a you prefer coffee or tea?

 Definitely coffee. I sometimes drink tea but I'm a coffee person.

What is the last photo in your phone/camera? Is there a story behind it, if so share? *Bonus for the photo*

Kaelyn decided to randomly wear this shrek headband and you know her, she doesn't like any accessory touching her head so tried to take a picture of it quickly.

You're taking part in Blogtember!! What has been the most fun prompt yet?

So far, it's the fashion topic. I have no idea what are the names of other fashion trends so I had to google them and I found some hilarious fashion trends that I didn't know existed. 

What has been your most difficult or challenging Blogtember prompt. 

So far, none yet but I'm dreading for the vlog one. Hahaha. I'm not good at talking but we'll see how I go.

Would you rather: run a marathon, take an art class or visit a fancy restaurant?

Visit a fancy restaurant for sure. I love good food and I love eating good food (duh). One of my goal is to at least try all the restaurant here in our town. Haven't been to half of them.

I had so much fun answering these questions. If you haven't been to MrsTee's blog, you should definitely go over there and I'm sure you will enjoy reading her posts. Also head over there to see what I asked her. 

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