Friday, 5 September 2014

Blogtember - My Passion

I am passionate about ____.

Baking. More like learning how to bake I guess. I used to hate the thought of baking. I'm not sure why. I never knew how fun and relaxing it is (except for washing the dishes later). I only started baking when I was pregnant with Kaelyn. I was craving for something sweet but I didn't want to buy one so I thought I'd make one. The first thing I baked was chocolate brownies. I enjoyed it and loved it so I started baking ever since.

Although, I'm still on the learning phase. I still don't know how to beat egg whites to make it fluffy.  Remember the time I baked a cake and it turned out weird. I haven't attempted baking a cake ever since. It always fails when I try them but hey, that's part of learning. Despite the fails, I've also baked some pretty good ones like Chocolate crinkles, cupcakescinnamon rolls and some others.

Baking is fun and I am making sure that I get to bake a few times a week and try new recipes. That way, I'll learn where I'm good at. For my next baking project, I want to try these chocolate carrot cake. We have too many carrots and I don't want them to go to waste. 

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Doesn't it look delicious? I'm a bit scared to try cakes but I'm going to be brave and just do it, hopefully by this weekend. What are you passionate about?

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