Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Mommy Reality Challenge #6

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I have been reading Mommy Reality challenge and this week, I have decided to join in. Reading other mommy's post gives me the hope that I am not alone in this world when it comes to having messy kitchen, laundry and what nots. In this weeks challenge, it's all about Mommy's style. Here's mine:

It's grey pants and comfy hoodie for me. I'm literally loving this especially now that the winter season is really kicking in. I do my paper runs, grocery, etc. wearing this and I don't give a damn. It's comfortable and warm I tell ya. I am wearing my Dota 2 Brewmaster zip up hoodie which I bought at Think Geek, the website I was talking about in my Think Geek Summer Sale post. The grey track pants/fat pants whatever you may call it, has been with me since I came here in NZ 5 years ago. These are my winter BFFs. I could probably sleep in them, I don't mind. They are just so warm. So there you go, those are my mommy style and I'm not ashamed really. You gotta wear something that makes you comfortable right?

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