Monday, 30 June 2014

Catty the Caterpillar

Following up from my Sunday Social post, I mentioned that I recently bought a gigantic caterpillar. Well, meet Catty the Caterpillar. 

I would never think that Kaelyn will like the caterpillar since she's been ignoring the other stuff toys that she got. I guess this one is an exception. I can't remember how long it is but as you can see, it is almost as long as the couch. She immediately ran to the caterpillar when she woke up and she kept coming back. I think he just found her new bff. She loves it and I'm glad. I was very unsure whether to buy it but my partner insisted because where will you find a gigantic plush caterpillar right? My living room is slowly turning into a plush play room that's for sure.
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