Tuesday, 8 July 2014

What Happened Over the Weekend - Birthday Party

I think Baby K has just developed an accent and not the ones that I was expecting. You see, we speak two languages. I want her to learn and understand our native language so I occasionally have a conversation with her in Tagalog and whenever we are out and about, I talk to her in english. I was expecting for her to have a kiwi accent since she's born here and that's what she hears most of the time but no. She hasn't spoken any full word except for papa, dada and gigi. The other morning however, she me up not only calling me the wrong name but with a full on accent too. 

It was around 8:30 in the morning, when I felt her tapping me then I heard her say "Dadd-ey, Dadd-ey". It was as if I was watching a movie but it's just Kaelyn, waking me up with a british accent on. She kept repeating it and I told her she's calling me the wrong name so she turned to her daddy and did the same thing (does she not know who I am, seriously?). Anyway, it went on until Patrick woke up. He started laughing, asking me what happened to Kaelyn. Not only she can say the whole "daddy" word but with a british accent too. I wonder where she picked that up from.

Anyway, Patrick celebrated his birthday over the weekend. He was sick then but still wanted to hang out with his friends so I cooked up a feast (Yes, a feast. These guys eat more than you can imagine). Anyway, one of the food that I prepared is Chicken Tonkatsu or Chicken Katsu. I always buy these on japanese restaurant and wondered how do they make it. I googled and realised that it isn't hard to make at all. I thought about making it a few days before to see if I really could do it perfectly but I though, YOLO. It turned out really nice though and it was gone quickly.

I got the recipe from Just One Cookbook. The steps are easy to follow. Nami, the author of Just One Cookbook, has a lot of really good Japanese recipes and I can't wait to try them all. Me and my partner are in love with Japanese food. Japanese restaurants are almost always our first choice when eating out. But now, I'll be making them at home. I have so many recipes I want to try. I served quite a lot of Katsu but I didn't think it will be eaten quickly. I also served baked salmon (which I never got to try), hot & spicy pork ribs, roast pork belly and baked chicken nibbles. Did you notice how all of them are baked? I was sick (and lazy) so I thought baking would be easier and I'd have less dishes to do.

I was sick and so is Kaelyn so I'd say I didn't enjoy the weekend as much. I watched them play nab 2k14, poker and computer games. It got pretty interesting when they had loser consequences though. It was probably one of the most memorable night for everyone. I tried to sleep early but I couldn't. I spent half of my sunday sleeping and half complaining about my headache.

I can't say I'm well now but it's a little better than before. Kaelyn had a slight fever, runny nose and cough. I might have to bring her to a doctor if she doesn't get better by the end of the week. She's still energetic though, as if she isn't sick. Although, I can see her having a hard time sleeping because of her runny nose. Poor Kaelyn. Luckily, the weather's been good lately. Despite having a cold weather, seeing the sun makes it all better. I am still jealous of people enjoying their summer though.

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