Sunday, 22 June 2014

ThinkGeek Summer Sale for A Limited Time

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I love shopping. Who doesn't, right? Although I always try to refrain myself from buying things that I won't really use. Ever since I gave birth to Kaelyn, my shopping is always intended for her. I always want her to have the good stuff even if I know that she will out grow them. Now that she's got her own room, I'm in the process of decorating it. I've been browsing online and in store, getting ideas. I'm a little overwhelmed with so many things and I can't decide. 

I'm a sucker for things that are based on the games we play, anime, of fantasy movies e.g. Harry Potter. I love collecting things even though I have actually no use of it. A few months ago, Patrick discovered the where he bought us a matching Dota 2 jackets and since then, I keep coming back to that site because they have some pretty good stuff that I want to buy. Are you a fan of  Harry Potter? Minecraft? Star Wars? Doctor Who? Or maybe you want some cool toys and/or gadgets? ThinkGeek is the site for you and hurry, I just saw that it's their last day of their 20%-60% Camp Wamageek Summer Sale. You wouldn't want to miss this. I promise you, they have really amazing stuff. I can't wait to get my hands on Hermione's Time Turner necklace and Harry Potter Luck Necklace. 

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