Thursday, 19 June 2014

Separation Anxiety

Since I became a full time mom to baby K, I have always been on the look out for work at home opportunities. I want to earn, pay bills and save. A couple of months ago, I started to do paper runs around the neighbourhood which is actually a good exercise for me and I always have the reason to take Kaelyn out for a walk. A few weeks ago, I got accepted to the job that I have applied for a few months back. It's 3 hour work every night. I started my training last wednesday night and since Patrick works late on wednesdays, I had to ask my sister to look after Kaelyn. What happened wasn't exactly what we we hoped for.

Work starts at 5:30 but I went to my "office" 30 minutes early just so Kaelyn won't see me and so that she can get comfortable with my sister. They were supposed to go to my parents house but they couldn't get the car seat to work and so they stayed at the living room. She starts crying and crying, and I could actually hear her and so does my trainer. My sister told me she fell asleep for a while, watched cartoons when she woke up but starts crying as soon as she hears the footsteps upstairs. I went down on my 15 minute break because I thought she was sleeping but as soon as she saw me, she just wanted to be with me. I'll never let her see me on my break anymore, just to be safe. She cried again when I lefIt went on and on until 30 minutes before I my actual end work time. My trainer was nice enough to finish the training early so I could go back to Kaelyn (and because we had a little technical difficulties as well). I was a little embarrassed because it's my first day but he was understanding. When I went down and carried her, she hugged me and started smiling. I don't get why she doesn't like to be with my sister when they got along just fine a few weeks back. We try to attend playgroups in the library so she can be more social. She's too clingy and she just wants to be with me all the time. Last night, was a little better but that's because she was with her daddy.  Tonight, my other sister is going to baby sit her and have no idea what's going to happen. I hope they get along just fine.

I can't bear the fact that she's crying and crying because I'm gone. And I feel bad because my sisters are having a hard time baby sitting her. But the thing is, she has to get used to it. I can't be with her all the time especially now that October's a few months away. Fingers crossed that tonight's going to be okay. I'm a little nervous, with my new work and with Kaelyn. 

Photo Credit: Kristina Bueno

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