Sunday, 18 May 2014

What Happened Over the Weekend

Baby K's grandparents arrived from the Philippines on saturday. They had a 3 week holiday and when  Kaelyn saw them, she was a little unsure who they were for a moment. However, once her lolo sang a song, she automatically started dancing and know who they were. It's kind of their thing. They also brought us some goodies. My favourite thing is the nba jersey for Kaelyn. If you follow me on instagram, you have probably noticed that I have been posting pictures of her in that jersey. She is just so cute, I can't help it. 

We prepared dinner because I knew that they will be too tired to do anything. On sunday, we had a really lovely day so we went out for a walk at the beach and the mall. Kaelyn really doesn't like to be held when walking anymore. She gets annoyed and pulls her hand. She wants to be free. Yeah, right. Not happening. We did not bring the stroller because Patrick wanted her to walk around. I warned him that it's not a good idea. He insisted that he'll be able to handle it. He didn't. Kaelyn wanted to go everywhere on her own pretty much. He was like, I can't handle this anymore. I laughed at him. C'mon, I have brought Kaelyn to the mall without a stroller and it was a nightmare. I was holding the baby bag too. I know if it's a bad idea or not. 

We did, however, had a good day though. We rarely get to spend a day like this together and I'm so thankful for it. Now, I'm eating too much of the stuff hat they brought. I think I may have to double my run tomorrow (Hahahaha). 

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