Wednesday, 28 May 2014

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I suck at being a mother and it is a little noticeable lately. I mean, no mom is perfect right? But we all try to be the best one for our kids and for our family. The thing is, I am finding it hard to balance everything right now and I'm not even working full time. I tend to forget even the little things from time to time and it drives me crazy. There will be times that I feel like a super mom because I get to finish things in as little as 10 minutes. But most times, I'm on the "I'm giving up, I can't do this" boat. 

Lately, the only thing that Kaelyn wants to do is climb the freaking stairs. She knows that it's a definite no-no but she keeps doing it. If I'm in the kitchen, she will slowly walk to the stairs, look at me then start climbing. No matter how much I say that it's not a good idea, she shouldn't be doing it because she might fall, etc. etc., she does not buy it. She will continue and will smile on her way up. The same thing happens when she opens the cupboards. She always make sure I am not looking (as if I'd leave her out of my sight). She has managed to climb up the sofa, coffee table, ottoman and is on the move for the bar stool. Every thing that is off limits seems to be challenge for her. Every thing is interesting and she could not get her hands off it. Not only that, she has just found a way to bribe us to get what she wants. I don't know how she did it but it definitely worked on her daddy.

This is on a good day.
I am completely amazed of mothers who manages to work, take care of their family, have a clean house, provide food, blog and so on. I'm far from reaching that level just yet. It is so exhausting.  I am exhausted. Having this mischievous daughter is just like having a full time job. Keeping her entertained and away from dangerous things is so hard. Sometimes, I think she gets bored of me too.   I rarely even see our house clean and to be honest, I just leave it like that sometimes because she will turn it upside down eventually. She is getting more clingy too. She gets too attached especially when there are visitors but then she hates when they leave. 

There are times that her tantrums are getting out of control, my only option is to take her outside. That is, if the weather is good (which have been for a few days lately). 

I am losing my sanity here, folks. Don't get me wrong, I love my daughter to bits but sometimes, I just need a break. We all need one, right?

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