Thursday, 24 April 2014

Easter Weekend

Having to take care two sick person at the same time is my worst nightmare. I have mentioned that in one of my previous post, yes? Well, Kaelyn started to get sick Saturday last week which got worse because of the bad weather (she's doing fine now, though). She had really bad runny nose cough and fever which is the first time that ever happened. Before, it was only fever and nothing else. Anyway, after a few days of being sick, Patrick started to feel unwell. He got even worse than Kaelyn. I had full hands 24/7, 7 days a week last week.

Although Kaelyn didn't act sick because she still had the ability to play with her toys and grab the remote whenever she sees the opportunity to. The house was a total chaos and only became decent on saturday (which didn't last long). The only reason is that we had some friends over. Of course, I didn't want them to think how much this house looks like a dumpster so I cleaned up as fast as I could when Kaelyn had her nap. Anyway, saturday was a little fun. It's more of a boys night/game party thing.  Patrick have been wanting to try if our internet is really fast so he wanted them to come over and play computer games. They also played ninja bots on PS4 which was really funny 'cause they're so competitive. We also watched a horror movie. Kaelyn wanted to forget about sleeping and just play with them. She almost broke one of the computer because she kept pressing buttons and typing.

We slept at about 5:30 am which gave us about 5-6 hours of sleep before our lunch with Patrick's family. Luckily, we had a decent weather on easter sunday which made Kaelyn and Patrick's recovery  more quickly. We ate at Yum Cha and Kaelyn is a little hungry and annoyed so I gave her the easter egg chocolate to play with for a bit. After a few (literally few) seconds, I just saw that there's a tiny hole in the chocolate. She was that hungry. I gave her a biscuit but she didn't want it. She liked the chocolate more. I couldn't give her a lot because she might have sore throat. 

After that, we went home and watched a few movies. We don't really do anything big on easter. It's more of a family time for us. I like having long weekends though because I get to spend it with my family. 

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