Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Winter is Coming

Cold season is starting to pick up and all I want to do is stay at home and snuggle under a cozy blanket. The wind blows way too heavy today which scares me to go outside. The reason why it's called "Windy Wellington" is because the wind gets so crazy here. From someone who came from a tropical country, this is bizarre for me but I've been here for 6 years and yet, I'm still not used to it. I get cold easy plus I love the hot weather so much.   

Now that it's getting cold, we're still figuring out where to place the heater. We just bought a new one. Since we're just renting, we really couldn't install anything on the wall so our only option is to buy one that has a base. The layout of our living room and dining/kitchen area is a little odd which makes arranging and placing things hard. Plus a toddler running around makes it more complicated. We had to put her toy storage as a barrier so she won't pass through. After two days, she figured how she can get to the other side. Man, I don't know how she does it. She really makes it work whenever she wants to do something or go somewhere. I can't even pick up anymore. Like the other day, I caught her trying to wear my shoes and definitely wasn't the first time I caught her doing it either.

She is such a girly girl. I can always sense that she likes dresses than wearing pants. She obviously likes shoes, just not the ones that she owns. Patrick is still in denial that he has a daughter. He wanted a boy ever since but what can he do. I think our genes is much stronger since I have four other siblings that are girls. Although, I do want to have a son too but that can wait. Anyway, this cold weather calls for a warm chocolate pudding. Time to eat some while I cuddle and read Kaelyn her bedtime story. Fingers crossed that she sleeps early tonight.
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