Monday, 17 March 2014

Anti Social Baby

We finally were able to attend Baby K's "playgroup" after weeks of being absent. I told myself that we have to go today because she seems lonely now that there's just the three of us at home. She wasn't feeling it though. We woke up, had breakfast the same time as her daddy did, got ready and started walking. The library is just around the corner and when we got there, I saw the only friend that we made plus a few unfamiliar faces. I took a book and started reading but Kaelyn wasn't listening nor looking at the book. She was just observing around which reminded me of the first time that we attended that group.

The singing and dancing started and Kaelyn was still quiet. She is, for sure, isn't sick so I'm not sure what was wrong. Even when it was the game where we had to tickle the baby, she just smiled at me and then became serious again. When it was over, I stood up and told her that she can go play with the others for a while but she didn't. She stood up and started walking to her stroller. She pointed her stroller and started climbing it so I sat her and we left. It was really odd because she is usually playful with the other kids. I didn't care even though my only friend there have a new friend. I wanted Kaelyn to have fun. It was really weird. I'll try again next week and I hope it's better by then.

Anyway, she is biting like crazy lately. She bites anything that she sees. I had to buy her teething rusks and biscuits. She has, however, adjusted to the house though. Our bed just arrived and we're starting to set up everything. We slept in an air bed in the living room before that. I'm so happy it arrived. It is still a mess here, as if a storm has just come through. She is still sleeping with us though. I wanted to have a baby gate secured for the stairs before I leave her on her own room. I hope our landlord finds a spare one because those things are just expensive and out of our budget. But despite that, we're enjoying the new place. Hopefully we get to set up her doll house and kitchen set this weekend. 

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