Friday, 4 October 2013

What A Very Long Week

It's finally friday, thank goodness. It has been a very long week although I still don't get a break because being a mommy is a full time job, we all know that right? This week, I experienced how hard it can get. I know that it will get very tiring but I wasn't expecting to have just little sleep all through out the week.

Since getting sick, baby K has been so clingy to me. She doesn't want anyone else even her daddy. There may be times that she will be okay being carried by someone else but it won't last that long. She kept crying, trying to look for me whenever I pass her onto someone else. I couldn't even go to the bathroom without her hysterically crying. I can't blame her though. I'll be in a very bad mood too if I am sick. She rarely laughed loudly like she used to on that six days of being sick. She smiles here and there and maybe throw a short laugh but other than that, she was so quiet. She just observed us. It was really hard putting her to sleep and whenever I get her to fall asleep, I always make sure that there won't be any loud sound happening around and near her. It's just so annoying to see her wake up and cry after trying to put her to sleep for almost an hour. She kept waking up in the middle of the night, crying and rolling over, trying to find a perfect spot for her to sleep in. We visited the doctor yesterday again to get her checked up. She's a little better now although she still has the cough and cold.

Not all days were very quiet. Despite being sick, she still has some energy to practice sitting and she's getting better day by day. She even found out the magic of the crib. She has learned that she can hold onto the railings of the crib so that she can sit better. 

I got you now Mr. Elephant
Well, it's not quite sitting. It's more like kneeling yet sitting at the same time. You get what I mean right? That's how she sits, on that photo above. I'm still on the look out on how she will be able to sit properly because it hasn't happened yet. She gets out of balanced from time to time but she just rolls over and do it again. She even tries to stand up now. I always tell and show her to sit first before standing up but no. She still continues doing it and sometimes even smiles at me doing it. She is too small to be standing up. Cute but too small and I'm not quite ready for her to stand up. It just means she's going to be a running around baby soon enough.

It has been a very overwhelming week but it's okay. I tried my best to take care of baby K. Wonder why? I've been hearing complaints from my partner that the room is very messy and I haven't done anything. Well excuse me mister, I have been baby K's side 24/7 for the past six days. Hehe. Have a good weekend everyone!


  1. Psh! Baby K! I don't know why she's resisting her bed so much considering it is so adorable and looks SO plush and comfortable! Hopefully she gets 100% better soon. I think it's hilarious she is kneeling and tries to stand before mastering sitting up. She is a smart one.

    1. I know. She has been trying to stand up a few times today too. She's always shows off whenever someone is around. Hehe! :))


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