Thursday, 3 October 2013

October Daily - Day 3

Today's October daily is a flashback to high school. It says, share a high school memory that you will never forget. Well, I have a lot of memories when I was in high school. Some good, some bad and I can actually tell you a lot of them but I won't. I enjoyed my high school even though there were times that it came to a point where I really hated it and wanted to skip classes. I was a good student back then. I hated not obeying the rules because if I do something wrong and gets reported, I'm scared of what my parents will tell or do to me. 
Secret Obsession   
I can't say I excelled but I did have a good grades in the first few years of high school. When I was in 2nd year, I was one of the good students in biology which I was really proud of because it's my favourite subject. My classmates always asked me to help them whenever they are stuck on something. Because I was one of the good students in that subject, I was chosen to be one of the representatives for the science quiz. There were three of us and the other too were really good too. They are better than me and I felt really lucky to be chosen among them. I was very nervous but excited at the same time. I reviewed before the day of the science quiz. When the quiz started, we were all nervous but we did a good job in the first round. Then the next round came and the question was fairly easy and I know that I know what the answer is. I just wasn't sure if it was right or if I have mistaken it for something else. The three of us discussed and I wanted to tell them that I think the answer is that letter but I hesitated. The time stopped and we had to show our answers. When the correct answer was revealed, my heart dropped. I was right. We were eliminated from the quiz and I was so angry at myself. I know I should have told them and then they could have just discussed whether to use my answer or not. It was very heartbreaking for me and that memory got stuck forever on me.

I never joined any other quiz after that. I knew I will get nervous and just give a wrong answer. I know we all have our moments but I regretted that one out of everything. It's okay, I hope baby K won't do what I did. I know she'll be a really good student when she grows up.

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  1. Stopping in from the daily October LinkUp...I enjoyed Biology in High School as well...I'm so sorry that experience made you feel you couldn't join any other quizzes. perhaps you could tell Baby K the story and how you don't want her to feel that way? It may help her if she is ever in a similar situation.


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