Friday, 4 October 2013

Happy Seven Months, Baby!

Happy weekend everyone. It feels weird to be blogging on a saturday morning because I have never done this but I woke up early and they are still asleep so I have a little time to spare. I don't even know why I woke up so early when I slept so late last night. Maybe I'm too excited on the fact that Baby K just turned seven months today. Seven months already, wow. She can't even sit properly yet. (Ha Ha Ha). She seems to be so small for a seven month old baby. Everyone kept telling me how chubby she is when the see her pictures and when they see her in person, they will be so shocked how small she is. Her pictures are deceiving (Ha Ha). 

So entering seven months, I have a lot of questions regarding her food. She's been eating solids for two months now and I'm not sure when I should introduce mashed or finger foods. I don't know how the transition goes. I mean, I have given her mashed bananas but that's it. I'm a little scared with doing it with the other fruit/vege because I'm a paranoid freak and don't want her to choke. I want to try giving her bits of chicken too. She seems to be hungry every time even if she just ate a lot. Her stomach seems to be an endless machine who just accepts food but she doesn't get fat. Her thighs and cheeks are chubby but not her arms. She still stares at us whenever we eat and sometimes, do a chewing motion with her mouth. Sometimes, I can't help it and just give in. I feed her even if she just ate. 

Is that for me?
Anyway, little one is still asleep. I think she's making sure that she will have a lot of energy so that we could have a lot of play time. She's so active and I can't believe how fast she learned how to crawl. Now, she's everywhere and even follows me when I go to the kitchen. I thought she just turned six months a few days ago and now she's seven already. I'm excited on what this month will bring. It will be her first halloween and we will be trick or treating in the neighbourhood. I can't wait to see her in her cute costume. I bet it will be so much fun even if she doesn't know what it means yet. 


  1. If she's been eating solids for the past 2 months then it's ok to start introducing mashed foods. Start her off with one for a week to make sure she's not allergic but she can start eating whatever you're eating. Happy 7 months baby K. Can't believe it's been 7 months already.

    1. I'm starting her on mashed foods today. Hope she'll like it. I know, she's grown so fast. She'll be running away from me soon. hehe!


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