Wednesday, 4 September 2013

What Happened Over the Weekend

Hello folks! It's the start of September and ber month means that the Halloween and Christmas season is near. It's time to shop for gifts again and this time, I will try my very best not to last minute shop. Anyway, our weekend was quiet this time. Patrick was sick and didn't go to work from friday till monday. He was coughing and had a really bad cold. I had to give him hot lemon with honey and ginger so his cough would go away. He's a little better now, thankfully. 

You see, I was dreading for this day to come. I thought he won't get sick anymore because it's the end of winter but it rained so hard last week and then it happened. I don't mind taking care of him because I always do that and that's the reason why I'm here. He just gets too extreme with everything whenever he asks for something. Even though we both know that he can reach it, he will still ask me to get it and his reason is because he is sick. Glad that's over. I'm happy that baby K didn't get affected as well. She's such a strong little one. 

Since we were at home the whole weekend and with Patrick's condition, I had to put baby K either on her crib or on her play mat instead of playing with her on our bed. I realised that her crib is really for sleeping only. It's too small for her, and doesn't have enough space for her to play and roll over. She almost hit her head too. But as you can she, she still had some fun and kept touching her crib. 

Sunday was the first day of spring and it was indeed sunny, in the morning anyway. We stayed indoors because the wind was still cold. Baby K sure loves her book and toys. There will be a time that she'd be in a really bad mood where in she will just cling to me and wouldn't want to play. But when she's in a good mood, she'll be playing with her toys happily.

I am glad that she was in a good mood that day 'cause I was able to rest for a bit. She's been very talkative too. Whenever she watches a cartoon or looks at her book, she'll say something as if she understands what is happening. It's so cute. She's growing and growing each day and I'm so happy I get to see and witness her development everyday. Tomorrow, she's six months. Let's see what's in store  on this brand new month. Happy Wednesday everyone! 

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  1. I am so happy you were able to get a little rest! Those babies are such attention suckers lol but as always, she is ADORABLE

    1. I know right! They are too irresistible not to be carried though. Thank you! xox


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