Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Kaelyn's Christening Part II - Tea Party

After the Christening ceremony, we all went home to have some afternoon snack. It's been a tradition in our culture that every after Christening, the guests are invited to eat and have a little celebration. For ours, we made it like a Tea Party at home. Pom poms that were used during my last baby showered were used again because it's just perfect for the theme. Everything was set up by Patrick's family. 

The cake was custom made and I made some pink velvet cupcakes for dessert. For the main, there was baked mac, mini pies, sausage rolls, cheese, chips, chicken, lamingtons, cake pops and some grapes. 

We only invited my side of the family and a few very close friends because we don't have a big venue to accommodate everyone. Even if it was just us, the house was a bit crowded, with some of Patrick's friend sitting by the stairs. Everyone seemed to enjoy the food though which was good. I barely had anything because I was feeding baby at the time and she was a bit fussy.

When everyone was some what done eating, it was time for the cake. Of course, there will be picture taking first before actually eating it. We actually had a decent photo for the first time. I wasn't able to have a taste of the cake 'til the day after. I was to preoccupied with baby K that day. They said it was good though.

Knowing that my university friends who travelled two hours just to come see us was really overwhelming. I was glad they got home safe.

I was also happy that my family was able to come even though they have busy schedules. It was really nice to have family and friends celebrate with you on occasions like this.

Unfortunately, not everyone was able to stay that long because it was a sunday and everyone had their own things to do. When we opened the gifts, there were only a few visitors left. Baby K got, once again, lots of new clothes which I am thankful for. She's running out of clothes to wear. She also got a learning/musical toy which I really liked. There were also new pairs of shoes. She has more shoes than I am now. She also got her first earring. Although, it will take a while before she'll be able to wear them because I won't get her pierced until she's a year old. She also got a pretty lady bug mat and puppet/blanket. She seemed to like everything because she was grabbing them off me. 

It was a tiring day. When most of the visitors have left, baby K went to sleep for almost 12 hours with only one feed in between. It was a pretty good day. My Kaelyn Rylai is now a Christian. 


  1. The cake was beautiful! It looks like it was a great day with friends and family :)

  2. That's a beautiful cake and I'm sure it was super delicious. I'm happy that you got to enjoy the celebration with family and friends and got some great memories out of it as well. I love that photo of you and baby K together. Lovely!


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