Monday, 22 July 2013

Kaelyn's Christening Part I - The Ceremony

Baby K is now finally a Christian. We celebrated it together with some family and friends. The ceremony was held at St. Peter and Paul Parish last sunday, the 21st of July at 2:30pm NZST.

Who are you looking at?

Waiting for the ceremony to begin.

Baby K wore a really cute, white baptismal gown. Her grandmother bought it a month ago and it fits her just right. She also had a matching bonnet which made her more cute. The thing is, she gets annoyed with the lace of the bonnet so I removed it and put her headband instead. 

Start of the ceremony

Signing of the Cross - Godfather
Signing of the cross - Godmother
Signing of the Cross - Priest

We tried our best to read at the same time.

Pouring of Holy Water
Candles are all lit up

View from the side

 We had no idea what to do like when to stand up, when to read our responses, etc but good thing our organiser was there. He was really nice and guided us all through out. The priest was really nice as well. He called out the names of the readers when they were about to read. He was very cheerful.

After the Ceremony
With the Grandparents

With the Ninongs and Ninangs (Godfather and Godmothers)
Should we look at the camera or the baby?

The priest was really nice and let us have a picture with him. There were too many cameras, it's hard to figure out which one to look at. It ended up us looking at different ones. Baby K was in a good mood until after the pouring of the holy water. She cried not because of it but because she's tired and sleepy. She only had a 30-minute nap before leaving for church. She calmed down when Patrick carried her. Kaelyn Rylai is now a Christian. 


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