Thursday, 25 July 2013

Throwback Thursday - First Grade

It's throwback thursday. It is that time of the week where I will share with you an interesting fact that has happened in my life a while back. For this week, I will be taking you all way way back in 1998. That's when I started at De La Salle Lipa, Philippines as a grade one student.

I'm in a new school, I didn't know anybody. At first, I couldn't find my name and thought I belonged to a different class. It turns out that I was in the boy's list. Since my name is Danielle, they thought it was a boys name. I think they weren't used to having Danielle as a girl's name back then. Anyway, it wasn't too bad as I thought it would be. I remember being the "president of the class and my best friend at that time was the "vice president". There used to be a "noisy" list whenever we are doing something and sadly, I'm always one of them. The reason being is that my seat mates were boys and that we used to talk and make fun about things, haha! I was the "president" and I was the bad one, not a really good combination. I can't even remember how I became their "president". 

Anyway, I still know most of them although we live in different countries now. Some of them have moved countries as well, some are working and some are still studying. I still talk to a couple of them, especially my best friend, whose birthday was yesterday. I can't imagine how time fly so fast. I used to be so close with some of the boys here and now, it's like we don't even know each other. It's been far too long and I wonder if I'll ever see them again. Can you spot me in the photo?


  1. I love old school photos! I have a bunch from when I was little :) I love looking back at them and seeing how much everyone has changed!

    1. I know right! It's fun looking back. I love looking back at my childhood. :)


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